Monday, 30 January 2012

Traditional Porter Tesco Finest

Last blog I talked about how supermarkets are releasing beers from established breweries with their own labels on them. This beer is another great example of that, Tesco finest traditional porter does not tell the tale of this beer fully. Harviestoun brewery from Scotland is home to many fine ales but I suppose I only know this as a beer enthusiast. This is a another excellent example of a brewery gaining exposure without having to spend big, the benefits of releasing under the Tesco name and not having to market and supply this beer under their own steam must be well worth it. I really hope this kind of relationship becomes more common because the amount of microbreweries opening and producing really fine ales is getting higher all the time. Having this kind of outlet as an opportunity for getting beer out there must be an enticing prospect for any brewery. So the beer in question, a traditional porter, again it's right up my street! I will in future branch out with some different styles but I haven't this time so here goes. The colour as you can see is very dark, almost black really with the slightest tint of ruby red around the edges. The nose had a lovely sweet tinny fragrance with the minerally mellow coffee flavours you would expect. There also seemed to be a slight whiff of bonfire to it which was a nice surprise. Chocolate in porters is no surprise but the very definite dark chocolate taste was very welcome, with so many soft sweet choc flavours prevalent these days the bittersweet flavours were a real pleasure. It was quite dry with a touch of oiliness which I wasn't expecting but was undoubtedly a plus. A mild coffeness on the aftertaste finished this beer superbly. The fizz was quite mild but a nice froth complemented this beer well. Due to this beer being a Tesco beer I imagine it is available nationwide so get out there, get a bottle and enjoy. Heck get a few it's only a 330ml and I reckon you'll want a second at least!


  1. Hi Ross,

    I notice that there's a beer bloggers conference this year in Leeds. Check the website: Its on between the 18th and 20th May.
    I was wondering if you wanted to go, seeing as you live up that way in the Lancashire area? I'm based in Coventry but Leeds is only a 2 hour car journey, if that (although I may get the train seeing as booze will be involved). I don't have any mates who are beer bloggers themselves (in fact they think I'm a bit peculiar for doing it!) and I figured it would be better to go with someone rather than on my own.

    The event costs £100 to 'citizen bloggers' like us. The good thing is that Molson-Coors who sponsor the event, will reimburse the full amount for the first 100 bloggers that sign up to go.

    What do you reckon?

    ps. Sorry for sticking this question here but I couldn't find an email address.

  2. Hi, the conference sounds really interesting. I good opportunity to meet like minded people! Have you signed up yet? My email is Sorry for lateness of reply I have only just looked at my blog and was surprised to see a comment, I must have email notifications turned off.


  3. Hi Ross,

    Tried to send an email to that address but it keeps coming up with delivery failure. Are you sure that's your correct address?

  4. Ah, I've made this mistake before, I must have a blind spot for my email. It's sorry about that.